About Us

Commission of Women for Humanity (CWH) has been established as a working group under the Dialogue Institute of the Southwest. While sharing the same mission and vision of the Dialogue Institute of the Southwest, CWH also utilizes women leadership and positive role of women in society to achieve its goals. CWH is comprised of a group of women who are educators, academicians, and community volunteers and leaders. CWH works with a variety of local groups and communities on diverse social, educational, and cultural projects.


While addressing various issues, Commission of Women for Humanity provides a dynamic association to promote original ideas and to develop effective and long term solutions through women leadership. The purpose of CWH is to create diverse platforms for people from various backgrounds and ways of life to address pressing humanitarian issues through panels, conferences, luncheons, networking and cultural events, etc., while interacting in a friendly and respectful atmosphere, to reach an understanding of effective solutions. CWH’s mission is to serve local communities’ needs while contributing to betterment of the humanity worldwide. In its practices, CWH strives to uphold constitutionally protected human rights, especially the freedom of speech and the freedom of religion as they apply to all persons.


It is the vision of Commission of Women for Humanity to develop its association further by working with local partners, communities, and NGO’s in Houston, Texas and nationwide. While CWH plans to grow as an association, it also hopes to respond to the dramatically changing humanitarian needs both local and global, in the most appropriate way. CWH hopes that through its activities and projects, in its small and humble ways, it will be able to contribute towards the Millennium Development Goals of reducing poverty and hunger, universal education, promoting gender equality and empowerment of women, and developing a global partnership for development.


Tuba Alpat, M.D., President
Dilek Suslu, Ph.D., Vice President
Hulya Dogan, M.A., Program Director
Maral Charyeva, M.A., Secretary
Kamile Yagci, Ph.D., Technical Director
Ayse Balaman, M.A.
Fatma Ozgel-Dokumaci
Reyhan Isbilir

Advisory Board

Hatice Gonul, M.B.A.
Hulya Tiryakioglu
Ali Riza Candir, M.A.
Dogan Koc, Ph.D.
Sait Yavuz, M.A.
Tuba Alpat, M.D.