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Distinguished Speaker Series with Mustafa Akyol at Jewish Community Relations Bureau

On October 28, 2012, after his lecture at Kansas State University Mustafa Akyol  – Turkish columnist and author as part of the ongoing Distinguished Speaker Series was hosted by the Jewish Community Relations Bureau, American Jewish Committee to give a lecture on Jewish-Muslim Relations, and promote his latest book Islam without Extremes: A Muslim Case for Liberty


Mr. Akyol was welcomed by Marvin Szneler, Executive Director of the Jewish Community Relations Bureau.Akyol was announced to an audience of approximately 80 people.  The author began with some biographical details regarding his upbringing and connectedness to the Islamic faith, followed by a brief overview of the history of Islam and the development of its creed and how different cultures impacted the way the faith would come to be practiced within different geographic contexts.  He touched the Jewish-Muslim relations after the emergence of Islam, as well as during the Ottoman’s times; and mentioned that the source of the tension nowadays between Israel and Palestine, or the Jewish and Muslim is the politics but not the religion or faith. Besides that, Mr. Akyol declared that most of the negative images regarding Islam one sees in the major media today result from lingering harsh cultural practices and not true religious doctrine; assuring that the reformation of these practices is possible and can lead to a restoration of the true fundamentals of the faith.  The event concluded with a lively question & answer session, followed by a robust sales and an autographing of his book.

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