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Whirling Dervishes of Rumi visited New Mexico

In effort to promote peace, tolerance, friendship, mutual understanding, mutual respect, empathic acceptance etc., The Dialogue institute of the SW- New Mexico hosted the “WHIRLING DERVISHES of RUMI with SUFI MUSIC CONCERT (Live Performance)” at UNM Continuing Education Auditorium at 7:30 PM on Friday, January 30th, 2015.

The program started with Allison Smith’s opening remarks who was the MC of the night. Following NM State Representative of the Dialogue Institute was on the stage for his welcoming remarks and said “as the Dialogue Institute, Rumi’s universal message serves as the basis of our mission, which is to facilitate and promote dialogue so that we may dissolve hate with love, encourage understanding to prevent misinterpretation, prompt flexibility against rigidity, and, above all else, allow tolerance to overcome bigotry”

Dr. Ori Soltes was the keynote speaker of the event and gave an impressive speech on Rumi, his Tariga, Mysticism, and Sufism and gave examples from the present world.

At the event, Hakim Bellamy recited two of Rumi’s poems, which inspire love and the idea that people are not separate beings but rather all one, he said.

Whirling Dervishes were on the stage about twenty-five minutes and mesmerized audience while whirling with Sufi Music.

George Sieg, an adjunct professor at UNM West, said he was impressed by this exchange of cultures where people were given the opportunity to expand their awareness of global diversity.

“I am often amazed and impressed by the opportunity to be exposed to this kind of material here in Albuquerque,” Sieg said. “I was very struck by the element of Sufi mysticism being expressed through the Turkish music and the style of the performance.”

The serenity of the Dervishes entranced him, since it was very apparent that through the dance they were engaged with their spiritual experience, he said.

Ash Hatcher, who attended the event, said the synchronization of the dance and music was enticing.

“I would definitely come see it again, and I would definitely bring more people to see it,” she said. “The speakers were awesome.”

The program ended with the closing remarks of the Ali R. Candir –Executive Director of the Dialogue Institute SW.

Watch the Full Video of the event below.


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