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Lunch at Corpus Christi Metro Ministries

Back by popular demand! You may have read that in February board members and volunteers from the Dialogue Institute of the Southwest participated in preparing and serving a special Turkish lunch at Metro Ministries for about 85 hungry and needy diners. Serving kebabs, rice, salad and baklava for dessert, the Dialogue Institute was the first organization to participate in Metro Ministries’ newest initiative called the Community Kitchen Collaboration  which opens our kitchen for groups who would like to feed the homeless for a weekend meal. This new endeavor was created in the hopes of offering groups who regularly feed the homeless and our diners with a safe, sanitary and clean place to serve and eat.  This inaugural meal received such rave reviews from diners, staff and volunteers alike that over the past weekend, the group decided to serve a similar meal, only adding chicken kebabs to the menu and serving over 125 diners – another great success!

The Corpus Christi branch of the Dialogue Institute was also presented with a proclamation from the City by Councilman, Rudy Garza, who was not afraid to roll up his sleeves and help wipe down tables. CC Metro Ministries also presented Dialogue’s local Regional Director, Mikail Yuksel, with a special certificate of appreciation for being a “founding organization” of this Community Kitchen Collaboration.

Most importantly, these efforts continue to not only provide diners with a new food experience, but also expose them to a little bit of Turkish culture and the mission of the Dialogue Institute, which is to promote mutual understanding, respect and cooperation among people of diverse faiths and cultures by creating opportunities for direct communication and meaningful shared experiences.

If you or your groups are also interested in using our commercial kitchen to cook a meal for the homeless on the weekend, please contact Annie Ramirez (361) 887-0151 or for more information.

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