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Dinner of Abrahamic Traditions 2014

Prophet Abraham is known for his generosity. It is narrated that his house had four doors welcoming everybody from South, North, East, and West. Following his tradition,

Dialogue Institute would like to invite you to join Dinner of Abrahamic Traditions and to have dinner with people from different faiths. Not only being able to meet people from different faiths and cultures, also you will be able to appreciate three essays presented by youth from Christian, Jewish, and Muslim backgrounds.

Theme of essay: Dialogue

  • Based on, and grounded in your own faith tradition, what does “Dialogue” mean to you?
  • What is the importance of dialogue in your day to day experience, and why is dialogue difficult between people of different religious backgrounds?
  • Why is dialogue very important between people of different faith traditions?


We look forward to seeing you and your friends.

Dialogue Institute of Corpus Christi

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