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Friday Socials: Sr.Elizabeth Swartz, Superintendent of Catholic Schools of El Paso

Around 25 people gathered for another of our very own “Friday Socials”. Our guest speaker was Sr.Elizabeth Swartz,  Superintendent of Catholic Schools of El Paso. Sr. Swartz gave a talk on “Importance of Middle and High School Education”.

Sister Elizabeth emphasized the importance of dedicating quality time to your children, especially during the ages of 12-24. Apart from the initial cerebral development of an infant, those years are essential to a person finding their personality and direction in life. Some audience members asked about how to deal with children who have issues connecting with peers, or family and Sister Elizabeth recommended finding common ground with children and engaging with them; If your children like video games, play with them. If your child likes sports, enter them into programs, if possible, where they can interact with other children of similar interests.
The presentation strongly recommended parents to involve their children in schools and programs that will cultivate their natural talents, and perhaps give them a dream to work towards or a sense of direction. Communication with children is key, as explained by Sister Swartz,  and meaningful, connected communication will bring about not only financial success but personal success.
After the speech, Sr. Swartz answered questions from the audience.

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