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Dialogue Matters: 150 Years Later, Are We Still Fighting The Civil War?

We had an incredible journey through the history with Dr. Larry Hufford on Wednesday, September 16, 2015. Dr.Hufford addressed the question 150 years later, are we still fighting the civil war?  He briefly explained the American Civil War and compared it with the current developments. An important topic and discussion were enjoyed by the audiences.

About Speaker:

Dr.Hufford joined St. Mary’s in 1993 and is a professor of Political Science and International Relations. Before St. Mary’s, Hufford taught Political Science and Peace and Justice Studies at Incarnate Word College for a little over twenty years. When he is not in the classroom, he is found creating networking opportunities for students and delivering lectures around the world.

In past years, Hufford has been invited to teach at universities in Australia, Hong Kong, Thailand, Bangladesh, Mexico, England, Spain, Taiwan and Sweden. He is the past president of the International World Council for Curriculum and Instruction, a Peace Education NGO with B Status in UNESCO and past president of the Economic and Business Historical Society. In addition to his presidencies, he has held leadership positions in a variety of organizations such as the Washington, D.C. based Center for Social and Economic Justice, the San Antonio Chapter of the ACLU and the Society of Mary for Social Justice and Global Awareness.

Hufford is the recipient of the St. Mary’s University 2015 Distinguished Faculty Award.


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